Tonight’s Specials




Spring Squash Bisque         12.

garnished with parmesan & house croutons


NoFo Asparagus           15. 

en crouté with brie & drizzled with Southampton honey


Wedge           14. 

crispy bacon, iceberg wedge, gorgonzola crumble   






Vegetable Lasagna      28.

baked fresh pasta, bechamel, tomato concasse & parmesan





Risotto         34.

sauce of wild gulf shrimp over butternut squash risotto


Roasted Halibut         38.

lemon – caper beurre blanc & ragout of

artichoke hearts, eggplant & tomato


Trio from the Grill          40.

veal flank, pork tenderloin, fennel sausage

salmoriglio, potato croquettes, broccoli rabe


Fried Chicken          28.

organic chicken thighs with spiced crust

& baked mac & cheese with crispy ham