Tonight’s Specials




Broccoli & Cauliflower Bisque     12.

garnished with house croutons & aged parmesan


Shrimp Salad         20.

Caviar, avocado, tomato, & creme fraiche 


Duck Wings           17. 

orange & red curry glazed with celery root house slaw  


Asparagus Milanese         18.

black truffles, organic fried egg,  pecorino romano 


Frisee Salad           17.

goat cheese, lardons, toasted walnuts, pear & red wine vinaigrette




Cheese Tortoloni       28.

with spinach al fredo sauce 





Risotto       34.

 tender duck confit over wild mushroom risotto


Roasted Swordfish     38.

roasted green tomato and pearl onion salsa,

jasmine rice & baby kale 


Berkshire Pork Chop       36.

apple raisin marmalade & sweet potato wedges